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Cynthia, I can't thank you enough for all the support and guidance that you've given me over the past four years. Your insight and experience as a life coach continues to guide and shape me and my career. Because you do your homework, you are always spot on when sharing thoughts about the direction I should head in. Your constant study of the world and what's happening in it, allows you to help me focus on what's important and most effective in prospering my life. 
It's been a true blessing that I met you. Your passion and knowledge for helping people is truly wonderful. I absolutely love our talks and listening to your insight. Sometimes I want to disagree with you, but then I'd be making the wrong choice. I hope many other people find you in their journey to become their best, because if they follow your guidance and support, I know they'll be able to be tremendously successful!!!! Thank you and continued success in helping others to become their best!!!!

Rob Ekno - TV Producer, Host, Author

Cynthia is without a doubt, unequivocally one of the best personalities in the business. It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed as an artist on her show and I simply can't wait until the next appearance/occurrence. Thank you for being you, Cynthia! You are a huge inspiration.
Jason Damico - Recording Artist, Actor


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