Success With McIntosh
Artist Development And Life Coaching Services

​​with Cynthia McIntosh


Are you ready to take your music career to a new level?  Here's your chance to have your own team to work with you and help you achieve your goals.
Work with other like-minded artists and have your own group of consultants!
Weekly meetings, 17-week commitment required.
We meet every week, and one week per quarter is completely about you and your business, so join us, and reach for the stars!!!

​A mastermind group is a group of people - in this case artists - working on taking our music careers to a new level, and working together to reach our goals.  In the Success With McIntosh Mastermind Groups, we have twelve members in each group.  Each member commits to attending seventeen sessions when he/she joins.  Every week we focus on one member and his/her business.  We all pool our knowlege and our expertise to come up with solutions and ideas to help build the career we are focusing on in that session.  Every week we rotate, so all members have an opportunity to be in the spotlight, or in the "hot seat" as I call it, and have the other eleven members focusing on building his/her career.

But that's only the beginning!  About once a month you will have the opportunity to meet with Award Winning Professionals in the music industry who will meet with us and help us reach our full potential!  These are people who have connections, who have insight, who have the experience to make a difference.

And to add to the excitement, as a member of the Success With McIntosh Mastermind Groups, you have the opportunity to be a guest on the Rockin' Talk Show with Cynthia McIntosh and share your story and your music for a whole hour!

And finally, at the last session, Cynthia will sit down with you and help you to submit music to an expert who will honestly listen to your music and give you his/her input on what you can do to improve your chances of success.  And who knows?  You may blow the socks off of the expert and actually get discovered!  It HAS happened!

​In our experience, mastermind groups are essential to the growth of any career.  As artists, we become "tunnel visioned".  We can't know everything about everything!  As a member of a mastermind group, you have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.  We all have different experiences, different educations, and a different expertise - so we all have something to offer!  And it is absolutely amazing how when you sit down with eleven other people and discuss your career just how freeing it is!  You will find that almost every time, you will walk away with quite a few "ahaa" moments and things that you never thought of...because you are pulling your information from your own experiences and history, but now you have the luxury of pulling from the history and experiences of eleven other people.

Just to let you know, these groups are NOT networking groups.  We are here to work on our careers.  If you need ideas for marketing...we're here!  If you need help finding funding for a project...we're here!  If you are having issues with your band...we're here!  Every week we will focus on what our careers need for growth, and we will support each other.  But we are not a networking group.
HOWEVER, what always happens is that as we get to know each other, as we create these relationships of trust with each other, as we get more involved in growing each other's careers, networking comes naturally.  We will automatically start recommending people, because we begin to have invested interest in the careers represented in our group.

I'm so glad you asked!  And it's easy!  First off, all meetings are currently done online, so we are not limited to any location.  So, the good news is that there IS a meeting very close to you - as close as your computer!
So to join a mastermind group, simply click here and choose the group you would like to attend.  All groups are limited to twelve people so if there are no groups opening and you wish to attend one, please notify us and we will schedule a new group.